Quality of the respondents

We work hard to ensure the participants we recruit not only simply meet the criteria, but are the best people to answer the project objectives. We have a number of steps in place:

  • Rigorous checks on previous participation;
  • Close liaison with clients to cross reference their detail held on participants;
  • Multiple layers of profile checking;
  • Attitudinal profiling beyond the target screening criteria;
  • Using social media to recruit based on behaviour.  

Rigorous profile checking

We have several layers to profile checking;

  • Automating the processing of the screening detail. This means we have a fast and reliable way to record, monitor and check the profiles.
  • Close liaison with clients to cross reference their detail held on participants – to avoid repeat participation;
  • In addition, the team also call people to double check the specific details and get a feel for the nature and character of the participants. Where relevant we also provide pen portraits.

Attitudinal profiling to ensure the quality of respondents

We have developed a bank of attitudinal questions to ensure the right type of people are invited to take part – beyond simply fitting the target screening criteria. This involves a series of tailored attitudinal questions to reach people who are creative, comfortable taking part, hold relevant views and engage in the right behaviour. The questions can be adapted to the project aim and then included in the screening process. An example might be asking people to think of multiple uses for an everyday object – helping to understand their ability to think creatively.