Embracing technology

Using WhatsApp

We are increasingly using WhatsApp as an approach for our qualitative research. Recruiting people to participate in WhatsApp groups or individual chats provides a fast and cost efficient way to reach a relevant group of individuals. WhatsApp allows people to comment, ask questions and upload photos or videos. We use this approach in a number of ways, namely; As a warm-up to a traditional group. People come to the group having already engaged in conversations and tasks;

  • To provide access to a target group over a period of time. For example we have recently created a group of millennials to explore their behaviour in relation to bank accounts;
  • To bring an audience to life and provide insight into their behaviour around a specific topic/ task.

Online screeners

We are now building all screeners online, to ensure we review the screener properly, make suggestions/recommendations around changes and provide live reporting links. This also means we have created one master database of all participants which helps ensure we don’t recruit the same person.